Px21 is the coordinating council of prevention service providers in Erie County with the shared goal of providing prevention and health promotion for the 21st century in our community.“Px” is shorthand for “prevention”, while “21” places the group’s focus in the 21st century.

The group, originally known as Px20, was a direct outcome of a year-long process initiated by the Erie County Department of Mental Health (which oversees most prevention funding in Erie County, New York) to develop a multi-year comprehensive prevention plan incorporating data-driven decision making and evidence-based practices into a local framework.

The process included the examination of a large body of data on the distribution of substance abuse risk factors and impacts. The recently updated document, “Comprehensive Prevention Plan: Erie County Department of Mental Health 2013-2017,” covers the development of the plan, the mission of prevention, guiding principles for prevention programs (including environmental prevention), system collaboration and development, system impact, and career enrichment.

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